Career Development
Meta offers people who work here opportunities to find work that matters to them, and we understand that finding meaningful work can be different for everyone. We provide a variety of programs dedicated to helping people find community, understand the importance of diverse perspectives, tackle bias, and participate in building an inclusive workplace where they—and everyone around them—can do the best work of their careers.

Managing Bias

We train employees to identify and counter unconscious bias they and their colleagues may hold. It's not just the right thing to do—it's essential to our success.

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Be The Ally

This training gives all our employees common language and tools to address bias—whether conscious or unconscious—and space to practice standing with others to build inclusion in the workplace.

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Managing Inclusion

We train managers to understand the issues team members from different backgrounds may face. Then, we help them manage bias across their teams and ensure all team members feel valued.

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Managing a Respectful Workplace

All people managers and bootcamp mentors are required to attend this workshop covering Meta’s policies and standards for understanding and maintaining respect in the workplace.


These interactive classroom training sessions help participants increase their ability to effectively make an impact and achieve breakthrough personal and professional development. Sessions include self reflection and assessment, network analysis, skills practice, peer feedback, and strategic action plan development.

Women LEAD

This unique program is designed to help women in leadership focus on the personal and professional development challenges most relevant to each of them while fostering strong, supportive relationships with other women leaders. Participants work with professional coaches to develop personalized action plans and come together at a one-day summit to connect, build community, learn, and grow.

Community and Belonging
We want everyone to feel welcome. We provide many opportunities for people here to connect with like minded peers with shared perspectives. But we also focus on creating spaces where people feel safe voicing concerns, pointing out where we could do better, and debating approaches. These initiatives and programs help break down barriers that stand in the way of building an environment where everyone feels a sense of ownership and belonging.

Meta Resource Groups (MRGs)

Meta Resource Groups (MRGs) are inclusive groups that provide community support crucial to achieving our mission and created a space where employees feel seen, heard and a sense of belonging.

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Community Summits

These annual gatherings for various communities provide an opportunity for various communities to gather, learn, share, and grow.

They include:

  • Black@ Community Summit
  • Latin@ Community Summit
  • Pride@ Development Summit
  • Women@ Development Summit
  • Asian & Pacific Islanders@ Summit
  • Disability@ Development Summit
  • Vets & Allies@ Leadership Development Summit

Business Resource Groups (BRGs)

In addition to the company-wide MRGs, Meta has BRGs that foster opportunity and provide supportive resources for members of specific underrepresented communities within specific lines of business or Meta teams.

These include:

  • Women in Tech
  • Women in Infra
  • Latinos in Tech
  • Black in Tech
  • Black@Legal
  • Latinx@Legal
  • Veterans@Legal
  • Pride@Legal
  • APIs@Legal

Cultural Heritage Moments

Specific cultural months and days provide the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions, complexities, and richness of different cultural identities. They also provide a space for people at Meta to ask questions and learn about different cultures while giving people who identify with different cultural identities the chance to share what they feel is most important for others to understand. These opportunities help us build a stronger intersectional community by allowing the space to share, create understanding, and develop trust. Cultural Connections is a celebration of the diversity of our new employees and a way to connect with them. We bring new hires together for networking and introductions to our Meta Resource Groups.


We’ve embedded accessibility into the different departments that touch the product lifecycle including research, design and engineering as well as those that design our workspaces and internal tools and those that provide reasonable accommodations to candidates and employees. This approach has allowed our teams to consider the different facets of disability such as vision loss, hearing loss, motor disabilities and others that might influence interaction with technology and our environments as they work across the company in support of disability inclusion.

Top Score on Disability Equality Index (DEI®)

We received a top score of 100 on the Disability Equality Index for the fifth year in a row. While there is still much work to be done, this score is a testament to the hard work that teams across the company have put into building and driving accessibility and inclusion, earning us the distinction of being named a “2022 Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion”

Meta Circles

Also known as “Coaching Circles,” Meta Circles are small support groups where participants can learn new skills, network, and help others solve problems in an engaging and confidential environment. Each circle, led by a Circle Leader, includes about eight to 10 peers who meet for about an hour every other week, over the course of two to three months.

Examples include:

  • Lean In Circles dedicated to helping women support each other and learn new skills
  • Black@ Family Circles and Latin@ La Familia Circles dedicated to helping Black, Latinx, and Hispanic people who’ve joined the Meta team navigate their onboarding experiences and create lasting, meaningful community connections
  • Ally Circles dedicated to helping everyone learn and grow in their efforts to be an ally to various communities

Real Talk Family Reunions

This event series brings together people who’ve participated in Black@ Family Circles and Latin@ La Familia Circles for open conversations about how to navigate Meta culture. Senior leaders of color guide these sessions, offering “real talk”about important intersectional topics such as implicit organizational expectations and common pitfalls team members from underrepresented communities may experience.

Allyship Working Group

The Allyship Working Group is passionate about demystifying what it means to stand up, speak out, and work with and for others to end oppression and build equality. The Group helps people at Meta to practice what they’ve learned in “Be the Ally” and continue to educate themselves on related topics, such as bias, privilege, oppression, and identity. Through regular, in-person events and an online group, they provide safe spaces for people at Meta to be vulnerable, ask tough questions, and receive real answers and support.

Increasing Representation
Our ability to serve our communities well begins with the community we build right here at Meta. We believe in openly sharing what is working—and what isn't—to increase diverse representation on our teams. And we are dedicated to building a team that reflects the diversity of the people, all around the globe, who use Meta products and services.

Pathway Programs

The Rotational Engineering Program is a 1-year program to help programmers and software engineers from all backgrounds accelerate their professional growth and build skills that they can use for the rest of their career.

Return to Work Program, which is a 16-week immersive program in various Meta offices, designed for those who have left the workforce for 2 years or longer and are looking to re-enter the workforce full-time. Our aim is to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Participants join teams where they will have both impact and an opportunity to build their technical and program management skills with the help of their managers, mentors and peers.

Meta University (MU) is a hands-on, immersive internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Meta’s people, products and services. In 8 weeks, the program gives interns across engineering, analytics, product design, operations and global marketing solutions roles the opportunity to make a real impact and help redefine how the world connects.

Recruiting Partnerships

Meta’s Recruiting team partners with many external community-based, non-profit, and professional organizations to help people of many different backgrounds expand their skillsets, consider a career in tech, and understand the opportunities and work culture at Meta.

Meta Connections

Meta Connections is a global program that makes the candidate interview experience more inclusive by pairing candidates in the interview process with employees, members of our Meta Resource Groups (MRGs) and allies, that we call ambassadors. Our ambassadors are encouraged to share their diverse and unique experiences related to life at Meta and the impact they can have by working working at Meta.

Diverse Slate Approach

The DSA sets the expectation that hiring managers and teams have the opportunity to consider underrepresented talent for open roles. Since we piloted the DSA in 2015 we’ve seen steady increases in representation for all under-represented groups of people without major impact on the time it generally takes to fill positions.

Accountability In Action
Holding ourselves accountable for diversity and inclusion is a critical part of making progress and ensuring we drive actions that have lasting impact at scale. We approach this at multiple levels - top-down through leader goaling and action plans as well as bottoms-up by raising and amplifying employee voices so that inclusion becomes part of everything we do.

D&I Action Plans

We have increased the accountability of senior leaders, whose performance is measured against concrete diversity and inclusion action plans, with consequent reflection in their performance reviews. These D&I action plans capture actions for leaders, managers and every employee to ensure inclusion is part of everything.

Micro-phone@ Meta

As part of our mission to build a culture where everyone can thrive, Micro-phone@ Meta is a way to give voice to micro-behaviors (micro-agressions) and their impact with the goal of driving inclusive actions. Findings from the Micro-phone@ Meta tool are shared broadly with the company to raise awareness and inform leader accountability, diversity & inclusion training, and Human Resources processes.

Being an Ally
We understand that women and underrepresented groups of people alone cannot solve diversity and inclusion challenges. We provide company-wide allyship programming and initiatives to give our employees common language, tools and space to practice being a stronger ally at work. We acknowledge that an ally is a person who stands up for others to proactively build inclusion in our workplace. We self-educate, have ongoing collaborative discussions and model behaviors to stand up for each other and build allyship together.

Allies in Action Resource Guide for Everyone

At Meta, we are a company of builders and have developed a helpful global resource for employees to learn how to be Allies in Action in the workplace and in their communities. This guide includes engagement reminders for allies to keep in mind when demonstrating allyship and key actions that we can all take to be an ally.

Allyship at Meta

We are proud to have allyship as part of our core programming and focus area of diversity and inclusion. As part of our commitment to building a culture of inclusion, our company-wide Be the Ally program creates the space for employees to bring real life challenges and learn how to mitigate exclusive behaviors that can impact people from underrepresented or ‘outsider’ groups. By allyship being a core D&I focus, we build deep empathy, fine-tune our “ally radar”, build muscle memory and ultimately, make impact on how we can show up as allies for each other every single day.

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