Managing Bias

Counteracting Unconscious Bias at Facebook and Beyond

Surfacing and countering the unconscious biases that we all have directly impacts Facebook’s ability to bring the world closer together and provide a vehicle for voice and authentic identity

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Managing Bias is a three-hour interactive workshop that helps people learn how to recognize and counteract several types of workplace unconscious bias, including:

  • Performance bias
    • Bias that occurs when people who are part of dominant groups are judged by their expected potential, while those who are part of less dominant groups are judged by their proven accomplishments
  • Performance attribution bias
    • Bias that causes some people to be perceived as “naturally talented,” while others are presumed to have “gotten lucky”
  • Competence/likeability tradeoff bias
    • Bias that produces expectations for women to be nurturing and care-taking and men to be assertive and action-oriented
  • Maternal bias
    • Bias against women who are mothers that results in fewer opportunities.
  • Affinity bias
    • Bias in favor of people who are perceived to be similar or attractive

Helping More People Manage Bias

Facebook’s leaders feel so strongly about the importance of this training that they expect everyone who works at Facebook to complete the course. We offer a shorter interactive video class to make that easier. We also offer a public version of this training on our Managing Unconscious Bias website, with videos that help people recognize bias and challenge and correct it immediately.

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