Level Up

Connecting Businesses With Expertise

Have you ever thought about how you can support businesses in the communities you care about: a woman-owned startup? An LGBTQ cafe? A black-owned consultancy? A differently abled entrepreneur? A veteran’s startup? As Facebook continues its mission to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together, we bring you Level Up!Level Up was founded by a diverse group of people who work at Facebook and cared deeply about the communities that raised them. The program helps people who work here connect with and be allies for underrepresented communities by helping businesses, organizations, and creators in those communities. There are a multitude of ways for employees to contribute through Level Up, based on their own skills and interests. Through the program, employees select how they’d like to help and are matched with people and businesses looking for what they have to offer.

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Through Level Up, Facebook employees can:

  • Help businesses run and optimize ads
    • Through our Dogfooding Ads Credits program, each person who works at Facebook receives monthly credits to our Facebook Ads product to test out the system and look for ways to improve the user experience. Level Up helps employees put these credits to good use.
  • Coach a business owner or entrepreneur
    • Employees can be matched with people who are looking for specific insights or skillsets, and develop a plan for individualized coaching and advice
  • Teach a workshop
    • If an employee sees a way to provide benefit by bringing people together for an in-person training, they can make that happen through the Level Up program!

The possibilities are nearly endless, but the idea is simple…together, we have an opportunity to “level up” our communities.

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