Engineer in Residence

Driving Innovation to Build Opportunity

The EIR program supports students during the first three years of their computer science program, with a high-touch-sophomore-junior experience designed to help students prepare for opportunities in the tech industry.

Through this program, Facebook engineers design and teach college computer science courses, drive innovations to CS curriculum, and help develop extracurricular programming in residence at various colleges and universities. The program is designed to cultivate rigorous and inclusive computer science communities at institutions—including historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs)—whose student populations include significant numbers of underrepresented groups of people.

The Engineer in Residence program:

  • Provides opportunities to practice computer science fundamentals using applied, real-world examples
    • Students build their knowledge and understanding of core concepts while also preparing for technical interviews
  • Empowers students to drive their own learning
    • Our extracurricular programs help students build community as they cultivate a track record of impact building products at Facebook’s scale
  • Engages faculty to scale innovations
    • By training faculty to teach EIR-designed coursework and supporting curriculum enhancements and innovations, the EIR program helps students learn skills in high demand by companies who will employ them
  • Connects students with opportunities to land jobs and internships
    • We maintain a growing Opportunity Hub to help students find jobs and internships—at Facebook and with industry partners

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